The Kaspersky Lab Partner Program


Why partner with Kaspersky Lab?

Kaspersky Lab Partner Program


Kaspersky Lab supports you with these key program advantages:


  • 100% Partner Focus – All Kaspersky Lab business products are sold through our partners. That means our entire program was developed specifically for your needs.


  • Exceptional Profit & Growth Opportunity – Kaspersky Lab continues to invest heavily in our partners through lucrative deal registrations and incentive programs. Surpass your sales goals with marketing development funds (MDF), leads and joint business planning.


  • Comprehensive Partner Team – Work smarter with expert assistance from partner sales managers, sales engineers and our expert marketing professionals.


  • Award-Winning Products – Give your customers the power to protect what matters most. They’ll join more than 270,000 organizations and 400 million users around the world who trust Kaspersky Lab’s top-rated software solutions.


Our focus is to support you with world-class technologies, programs and infrastructures to help you build a successful security practice that supports your business goals and rewards your partnership with Kaspersky Lab.


This is an important time in our industry, and we’re glad you’re with us. We look forward to building a more successful partnership and giving you more of the resources you need to stay ahead of the competition.



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(PDF) Top reasons why a partnership with Kaspersky Lab makes sense for your business


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